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5 of My Best Tips for Getting Through Airport Security Fast

At one point or another, we may have experienced getting stuck at the airport security due to reasons we can’t seem to understand. At times, it is hard to comprehend why airport officials have to stop us just because we bring liquids, and other personal items.

As a traveler, I have gone through all types of delays and getting stuck at different airports. However, wherever you may be, and where you are headed to, airport rules are basically the same. Therefore, I would like to list out 5 of my best tips for getting through airport security fast:

Tip #1 – Dress comfortably

Airport security dictates the need to remove shoes, belts, and other metallic accessories when passing through X-ray machines. Thus, if you want to get through fast, make sure to dress accordingly.

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Why I Left My Corporate Job to Travel

To some, the decision I made to quit my corporate job in order to travel is simply unbelievable. After all, at a young age, I have already achieved things that some of my older colleagues are still trying to obtain. I am at the peak of my career, and, I must say, I am successful. Because of this, many of my friends seemed surprised when I decided to submit my resignation, and finally do the thing I want the most – travel.

Travel is not just my escape – it’s my happiness.

Granted, the complexities of work are undeniable. Existing in the corporate world means a lot of sacrifices. I always had to brush shoulders with people I barely know. I barely manage having a time for my own. At the end of the day, I occasionally feel headaches and stress after spending long hours at work.

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Types of Photography

Types of Photography

In general terms, photography is the art of taking photographs. There are several sub-genres of photography that has its own set of guidelines and unique perspective on the art. General photography equipment can be used for the most common types of photography. This kind of equipment is easily accessible to many people. It is wise to explore the different facets of photography if you are considering becoming a photographer.

The most popular type of photography is portrait photography.  The photographer who is taking the portrait is responsible for capturing not only an image of a person, but also capture the personality and spirit of the subject. Portrait photography is done in a studio with controlled lighting setups, but this can take place anywhere people are.

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Photography for Beginners

Photography for Beginners

Whether you are seeking a career in photography or just a hobby, basic photography courses can teach you more about taking photos. The courses focus on the basics, but sometimes they teach more about how to use your camera. You may even earn a certificate for some programs in photography.

Many photographers find their own aesthetic standards on their own when starting out, but a photography class can teach the different elements of a photograph and how to examine it. Once you  have learned the basics of what a photograph is composed of, you then gain the ability to judge photography using your own  preference against those proposed by standard classical photography.

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Why I Couldn’t Last At Subway University (Or Any Corporate Training Program For That Matter)

Why I Couldn’t Last At Subway University (Or Any Corporate Training Program For That Matter)

There is always a comparison about life in the corporate world compared to working as a freelance photographer. The only thing to be said about it is that, photographers envy, emulate and idolize other photographers; while corporate workers and management envy, emulate and idolize photographers. That is the first and last thing to remember why photographers seldom become corporate drones, and why company employees want to be photographers.

The life of a photographer is hard. Until you become successful, with a steady stream of assignments, you need to prepare for that to happen. You have to hone your craft. Training consists of taking pictures, studying them, signing up for training from more experienced photographers, and to continuously try out new techniques. Even in your sleep you would be composing pictures in your dreams. Photography is a vocation and a lifestyle.

My Stint At Subway is Proof Enough

I do not mean to demean corporate workers. I have been there and gone through the drone phase. In fact I was part of the partners that worked on the photographs and videos in the training courses at Subway University. The one takeaway from the experience is that it saps the spirit.

One of the best job advice anyone can get is to get a job you love. Even better is to make something you love, your job. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who work don’t like their jobs, or worse, they really hate their jobs.

This is not about getting out of a rut, no, their whole career is a dump.

There is a duality between the objectives of the company and the objectives of the individual. The biggest bottom line of the corporation is to make the stockholders happy. It has come to the point where corporations have to show positive growth every single quarter. For the employee, his goals may not be in line with the company. In most cases, the job has diverged from what he envisioned it to be. This may not be what he signed up for.

Choose Your Life Not Your Work

The employee will always weigh his job decisions according to whether he loves his job or it pays enough for the trouble. At some points in his career, a person will decide to keep a job because he loves it, even if it pays less. At other times, he will keep a job because it pays a ton of money, even if he hates it. Seldom that a person has a job that he loves and pays him more than enough. However, when a person has a job he does not love, which pays below what he feels he is worth, then it is a time to move on.

Based on the top corporation in the world (check out the list at The current corporate training mentality is built on performance. A person has to perform, and there are metrics to see what he did on a per quarter basis. Besides the job’s key performance indicators (KPIs) there are also evaluations.

You Are a Number To Them, Its Time To Become A Person

For some companies, there are also regular updates of standards and protocols. This was meant to have two-fold benefit and serves as a check and balance of the company’s responsibility for the employee. It is supposed to show that the company has been doing its job for the employee. Simply put, the quarterly resume has to show improvement of skills and training. For some big corporations, this means that the employee has to be sent to “corporate universities”, where an employee would go through long-term training which has been divided into modules.

I couldn’t handle that. I love the fact that my biggest concern is which airline will I choose today for my photo-gig in Hawaii. I would much rather take pictures and pay for my own training for my own skill development, when I need to.

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My Fashion Shoot in Japan

My Fashion Shoot in Japan

I recently returned from a trip to the amazing country of Japan. Working as a freelance photographer, one of the perks that I love most about my job is the chance that I get to travel around the world. I love experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. It is such a growing experience, and I wouldn’t trade my career choice for anything. Photographing fashion shoots is something that has come to mean the world to me, and I love doing that job in new places.

The fashion photo shoot that I was a part of in Japan was absolutely amazing. The clothing that was on display there was colorful and so beautiful. It is always fun to see the style of a new land and a new group of people, style that is a lot different from the clothing worn here, yet similar in ways, too. There were pieces that I really loved, and some that I could just not imagine wearing, but it all looked great in the camera. Editing the pictures is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Yes, the clothing wasn’t the only beautiful part. The women who were modeling the clothing were pretty, too. They were gorgeous, actually. Each of them was perfectly made up, and the clothing that they wore seemed to fit perfectly to their bodies. The one thing that really stood out, though, above all else, was the style of their hair. Every one of the models had their hair done in a way that made their good looks stand out, in a way that added to the beauty of the outfit that they were wearing. The hairstyles were designed in conjunction with Arielle Hurley of Total Hair Beauty, and they were so fun to photograph.

Looking through the pictures from the even now, I actually wish that I would have focused a bit more on photographing the hair styles. Really, the clothing was great, but the hair styles are what have stayed in my head. Arielle Hurley of Total Hair Beauty really knows how to do hair.

Overall, the trip was amazing. This was my first trip to Japan, and I didn’t find myself disappointed in the least. I love Asia, and I loved all that Japan had to offer. In addition to photographing the fashion event – the wonderful clothing, beautiful hair, and gorgeous women – I took some time out to just do some casual photography, as well. Japan is a place just brimming with beauty – both natural and man made. I couldn’t finish my trip without doing some photography and sightseeing just for fun. These pictures are going to be fun to edit, too, and I know that my family will enjoy seeing them.

Given the chance, I would definitely head back to Japan. There wasn’t a single part of my trip that I didn’t enjoy. As it is, though, I need to move on to new places and new journeys. I will keep traveling, keep enjoying each trip, and I will cross my fingers that I get the chance to photograph some amazing hair again.

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Greatest Spots for Photos in Chicago

Greatest Spots for Photos in Chicago

I just returned from a 10-day trip to Chicago where I was able to take a lot of beautiful photos. In this post I would like to share my favorite spots for pictures in Chicago with you. I’m trying to cover different types of photography that you may be into, like people, nature and architecture.

The first area I’d like to recommend is Montrose Point with three interesting spots within walking distance. The first one is the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary which obviously offers possibilities to take pictures of birds. A short distance away, you can find a hill which is always very crowded where you can capture moments of people. More always, take care when you take pictures of strangers, they may react differently than you would expect. In addition to that, the nearby beach offers scenic views of Lake Michigan.

If you want to take photos of Chicago’s skyline, the best place to go is Promontory Point near 55th street. You will also be able to take pictures of amazing splashes of waves brushing up against the rocks and Promontory Point Park offers the possibility to take photos of the peaceful side of the city.

On the weekend I also visited Soldier Field, the stadium of the Chicago Bears. I regularly watch football online, but I’ve never been to an American Football stadium before. The stadium is an absolutely impressive construction. It was originally built in 1924 and celebrates its 90th birthday this year. Soldier Field was fully renovated in 2003 and it’s sometimes called New Soldier Field because of this renovation now. I especially liked to take pictures of the emotions of football fans during the NFL game.

I’m a big fan of the Highline in New York City and Chicago builds something similar with The 606, a project to convert the Bloomingdale Trail to a park. The neighborhood offers historic boulevards, like the Bloomingdale Avenue in Logan Square and the 606 is supposed to become a place of arts and design. For those of you who like photography of architecture, just walk down the Bloomingdale Avenue and find lots of beautiful, new or newly renovated town houses.

Another hot spot for fine architecture is the area around the Chicago River with gorgeous views of bridges and buildings of Downtown Chicago. Make sure to cross some of the bridges to get a wider view of the city and the river or use one of the water taxis to enjoy even more beautiful views. Sometimes this will also give you the opportunity to take pictures of the people that are on the boat with you.

If you want to feel like you are part of a horror movie, don’t miss to visit the streets of Lower Wacker. You will be able to see how homeless people live in Chicago. This area of the city should better not be visited alone, but you should spend some money there to support the development of this area of the city.

For all photographers, Chicago is really worth a visit and I hope I could give you a few impressions.

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Gain a Greater Understanding of the World Through the Eyes of a Child

Gain a Greater Understanding of the World Through the Eyes of a Child

A few months ago I decided to take a trip to Chicago to spend time with my sister and nieces. I needed a getaway, but not like the exotic or historical places I travel to for my clients. I felt compelled to surround myself with loved ones while I focused on self-reflection. Life had become hectic, and I needed a break so that I could restore myself to a more balanced state. I’m thankful I made this decision because I had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with my nieces, where I peered into their lives, and saw the world from their eyes.

Spending time with my two nieces, ages 3 and 9, was exactly what I needed to achieve a full restoration of balance. One of the greatest realizations I encountered was directly influenced by my 9-year-old niece regarding our latest technological advances and the impact its had on younger generations, which is personally believe, is for the betterment of humanity. For example, my oldest niece is an avid gamer and right now, her game of choice is none-other than Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game that grants players with the ability to build worlds by using blocks. Unlike most games where destruction is the primary motivation, Minecraft’s purpose focuses on building and working in teams to reach a common goal. Kids can play the game on their smartphones or computers. If you’re a Minecraft pro like my niece, you can purchase Minecraft server hosting from a third party hosting company to play over the internet. According to my niece, the medium you select is completely dependent upon personal preferences and how you intend to play the game. She loves to build elaborate worlds with her friends, which requires more space and a speedy internet connection.

Watching my niece play Minecraft, as she meticulously built her world, block by block, gradually piecing it together into what would inevitably become a masterpiece, I couldn’t help but find myself in overwhelming “awe” over what was unfolding before my eyes. She began with a blank canvas, and within a few hours, she transformed her world in Minecraft into an elaborate castle where she and her friends were free to build and play together. This unique experience opened my eyes to so many new realizations about myself, and the world. I suddenly became intrigued by the world’s youth today, and how it drastically different these children are from previous generations. Minecraft shed light on technology, and its ability to transform humanity, and the world as a whole. More importantly, it opened my mind to the immense possibilities that rest in technological advancements, and how drastically different today’s children are in comparison to previous generations because of it.

Minecraft made me realize how much technology has transformed humanity, and how it interacts with the world as a whole. I cannot express how undeniably amazing it was to watch a 9-year-old work with a group of kids to build a beautiful virtual world. In regards to conventional perspectives of video games, I could not relate when I played Minecraft. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard before. It did not fit or illustrate the commonly-held beliefs that gaming is not productive, and “rots your brain”. In fact, it was quite the contrary and I could not be more grateful to have discovered how positive of an impact it can have, particularly on children, when it is used properly.

To be honest, when my niece first asked me to play Minecraft with her, I did so because I’m a cool uncle. I realized I wasn’t going to have the chance to spend much time with her because her most of her time and energy was channeled into building worlds on Minecraft. So you can imagine how surprised I was during the first hour of gameplay, when I experienced a flood of realizations that ultimately led to a restoration of balance. It was exactly what I needed, and it came from the most unexpected place: through the eyes of a child.

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Hiring A Freelance Wedding Photographer – The Benefits These Professionals Have To Offer

When people have a special occasion, like a wedding, they want to make sure that they hire the best people to help them make their wedding a memorable day, and to preserve everything about it that they can. While people often go with a company that offers things like wedding photography shots or live action filming. However, there are freelance photographers available that can do both filming the wedding, and take pictures, and there are actually a lot of benefits for people to go ahead and hire a professional for their wedding day.

A More Personalized Service

When people want to do something like make their cars look more modern, hip, and trendy, they may decide to try and do things on their own like get a great paint job, add in better accessories to their cars, and make sure they have amazing car rims like these shiny beauties, but they do not have the skills to actually know what they are doing. Only professionals like car mechanics know what it takes to make a car look great, and they can always find the best deals for things like the original rims or replacement rims on a car. Why mess up your car by buying the wrong things when a professional is available?

Cars are an investment, and people pay for their cars for many years. Without the help of a professional, a car can be damaged in some way, or even lose its value. The same thing can be said for other professional services like weddings because weddings may only happen once in a lifetime, and the specialness of it has to be captured in just the right way. Freelance photographers will offer a more personalized service because they will spend time with the couple to talk about what they want, and then figure out the best way to capture their special moments.

The Best Equipment Available

Freelance photographers are going to ensure they have the best equipment available in order to photograph and film special occasions like weddings. Newer equipment is always coming out for professionals to take better quality photos, and any professional photographer is going to keep up with the technology so they can offer their clients the best service possible with high quality photographs.

Professional Freelance Photographers Have Skill and Experience

Some people may film their own events, and they take a camera they bought and film everything, but that is really not capturing the essence of that day. A freelance photographer is going to have the skills to film things, but also know just the right way to cut it all together, and then do things like add music to make things even better. Why settle for just footage shot, and when a professional can take what they recorded and turn it into an amazing piece of video footage that will forever be the happiest day of their lives?

Freelance photographers are photographers that can film important events like a wedding, and while some people will just ask a friend to film their wedding, why do that when there are so many reasons why hiring a professional photographer is better? Professional photographers know what they are doing, have the latest equipment, and have the skills to take footage and turn it into precious memories that couples will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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How To Be a Successful Freelance Photographer

At a certain time in one’s life, he or she has the chance to stop a moment and think about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Some people decide to go to college to become a nurse, while others may travel the world searching for their passion or vocation. However, some people have skills, like being good with a camera, and they decide to become a professional photographer, but there is more to being a successful freelance photographer than just pointing and clicking a camera. Here are some tips for being the best professional photographer ever.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things When It Comes to Photography

A man that is good with cars might have started as a scrawny teenager who worked on cars as a hobby. As his interest grew, he began to do other things like went from working on the engines to doing aesthetic work, like finding the original wheels and original rims for a fixer-upper. By taking a chance with a new skill, that young man that loved just to fix engines may be able to expand his skills, and therefore, be able to find a job. The same kinds of skills can be applied in photography too, and anyone that has skills taking pictures cannot be afraid to try something new within the photography world, or they may be missing out on a chance to find clients with deep pockets.

Consider Setting Up A Blog

These days, everyone goes to the Internet and uses it like a giant phone directory. If a freelance photographer wants to get in touch with customers, and book a lot of jobs, then getting a blog is the best way to go. Not only will photographers get to read all about the grand adventures these freelance picture-takers have, but they will also get to see examples of their work. People will also to see that photographers get to lead really exciting lives because they have a lot of freedom to go wherever they have to for a job, but they also get enough information that will help them make a decision about hiring one of these professional photographers.

Always Have Open and Quick Communication

Anyone that owns their own business knows all about how important it is to be in constant communication with their customers. Freelance photographers are essentially independent business owners, and it is important that whenever they get a comment on their blog, or an email, they have to reply right away because communication with customers is the difference between a successful business and one that fails. Customers want to feel like they are important, and the reality is that they are, and being in contact with someone they want to do business with is going to ensure they are treated right. Customers who get the proper attention will always go back to that place of business because of the excellent service they received.

People want to be the best they can be when it comes to their careers. Being a freelance photographer is more than just taking pictures, but keeping a blog, learning new skills, and also keeping up with customer communication. Freelance photographers have exciting careers, and these steps will take that career to the next level of success and profit.

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My Environmentally Friendly Discovery After Slipping into a Set of Bamboo Sheets

As I have traveled all over, I have noticed an undeniable interest in sustainable products, and the flourishing eco-friendly economy arising all across the globe. I’ve been on this planet for over 30 years, and it is not until these last couple years that I have noticed an immense and deep interest in bettering our planet. The younger generations appear to have a much deeper grasp on the destruction we have caused planet earth, and they are doing everything in the power to ensure the entire population is doing its part in making the world a better place.

As a result of the youth’s passion for saving the globe, I have notice an increase in the amount of sustainable products that are being introduced to the market. So many have already made it into the mainstream markets. The whole concept of using recyclable products struck me when I was staying in a friend’s guest bedroom. As I climbed into bed, I could not escape the undeniable awe I felt as I slid into the fabric. It almost felt as if it was heaven-sent. When I woke up the following morning, I asked my friend what type of bedding it was, thinking maybe he would respond with Egyptian cotton sheets. However I could not have been more wrong. He told me it was bamboo bedding or more commonly known as bamboo sheets. He made the decision to invest in a set after researching the various benefits it has to offer. Further illustrating that it was created from the fibers of bamboo, a renewable resource, and it is completely eco-friendly and 100% hypoallergenic.

I was absolutely blown away by the concept of transforming bamboo into fabric. I had no idea that you could do such a thing. It led me to conduct my own research, after I invested in a set of bamboo sheets myself. During my own personal research, it became extremely apparent that my friend was onto something when he made the choice to toss his old set of sheets for this luscious bamboo bedding. It made me realize how much our planet has evolved in the last couple decades. The trends that are taking place, particularly going green, are not trends at all. In fact, going green has become a way of life that is not only cool, it is necessary for the progression of the human race and the preservation of our planet. My friend’s simple act of investing in a sustainable product speaks volumes about where our world currently stands and where it is headed. It has inspired me to personally invest in products that promote a greener way of life, particularly in items that are made from recycled materials. This ranges from bamboo bed sheets, to investment into all-natural products for my body and my home. I am a strong advocate for a cleaner environment and a healthy lifestyle, which is why I encourage all my readers to strive to invest in eco-friendly products.

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Stock Photography Tips – Shooting Condoms For Cash

From professional articles related to birth control, to blog pages talking about safe sex and sexual humor, stock condom photos are necessary to have in the stock photo collection because they are used all the time throughout the world wide web. Not many stock photo artists consider taking multiple images of condoms and providing them to the stock photo collection would earn them much money, but in all actuality, one could support themselves on the money they could make from taking stock photography of condoms. Take what others don’t realize and use it to your advantage. There’s large sums of potential money to be made.

How you can make money shooting stock photography of condoms
There are hundreds of thousands of articles about methods of safe sex, and in almost every single one of them is a stock photo picture of a condom. Stock photos are a quick and easy alternative to taking a picture or finding pictures on Google that may not match specific criteria. That means, there’s probably already thousands of websites (healthcare, sex, and humor) that need stock photos of condoms, that don’t have them. If you look up “safe sex with condoms” on Google, you will receive approximately4,200,000 results just for that topic. Most sites usually use stock photography images.

Instead of just acknowledging this fact that condom stock photos are in high demand, put one foot forward and be a condom stock photographer. The stock photo company pays up to $0.25 straight to your bank account every time your stock photo is used. The more condom stock photos you provide, the more money you could make.

If you do the math, it becomes clear on how much potential earnings you can make. A few websites need a stock photo of a condom, and the majority of your condom photos are used for the stock photography company. Each website may need several different pictures in several different angles to demonstrate their point about condoms, and your condom stock photography is bound to be picked multiple times for those few websites, $0.25 a picture. That adds up to a hefty income if you think of how many sites may need stock photos of condoms. The demand could escalate into the 1000′s in a few weeks. Safe sex is a hot topic at the moment with the increasing sexual trends in society, and you could make a higher yearly salary just for a few hundred pictures of different styled, angled, and placed condoms.

Method to take condom stock photography and earn money
Step 1: Invest in several different brands and colors of the best condoms ranging from size small to large. You’re going to need a variety of condoms in order to have a variety of pictures that will reach to a broader audience. The more varieties you have and the more photos you take, the more money you will make. You can also take photos while they are packaged and while they aren’t packaged.
Step 2: Take a picture of each style of condom from at least four different angles. This is also to provide variety and quantity.
Step 3: Submit all the photos to, then wait patiently for the money to start coming in.

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New Client Gig on Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

New Client Gig on Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

As you know I take photos for a living. I know that my profession might feel awkward to some people but that is what I do to get my income. I am a professional freelance photographer after all. Yes, I prefer to do wedding photo gigs, anniversary gigs, birthday photo gigs, graduation gigs and many other types of  celebratory photos but sometimes I have to do ones that just pay well.

I recently did a photo gig on transvaginal mesh surgery for a prominent doctor. Until taking on this project, I never knew what a transvaginal mesh implant was. For those who think freelance photography is all about traveling gigs in Hawaii and fun other events, this is a reminder of what you might find yourself doing, more often than not, as the pay is sometimes too good to pass on.

I was going through my previous works on my personal website when one of my friends called me, asking if I was available for a photo-shoot. She said that it was urgent since the photographer they hired bailed on them. She told me this doctor who specializes in vaginal mesh surgery, wants to advertise his new practice and need a professional photographer for a few before and after pictures.

I had no problem with the gig but asked her what was the agreed upon fee? Apparently the doctor is very wealthy and there is a lot of money in this type of procedure. I won’t disclosed the amount but the fee was a very large sum (larger than my previous two projects combined).

Additionally, it was also a perfect opportunity to beef up my portfolio as I have not done up-and-close photos on a surgical procedure for a while. So I pickup my gear and headed to the hospital where the doctor was about to operate at. After about 30 minutes drive I finally reached the hospital where the doctor was waiting for me. We exchanged greetings and the signed the proper contract agreements, and immediately set for work.

The doctor explained to me what the surgical operation entailed and the images that he wanted me to capture. He said that the surgery involved implanting a mesh, a net-like implant, used to treat pelvic organ prolapsed and stress urinary incontinence in women through the vaginal opening.

He told me that my job was to take pictures of the surgical procedure before and after the implant was put in the patient and the process in general.

As the patient lay down the doctor asked me to take a few photos of the vaginal opening and of the surgical tools and surrounding. This included the vaginal mesh device among other things. I also captured a few images of the vaginal opening, focusing my camera on the long vaginal duct that was by now fully prepared to let the mesh go through. Satisfied with the many clips, the doctor told me to step aside as he patiently finished the surgery and inserted the mesh into the pelvic cavity.

The doctor took about one hour to operate on the patient and which point he called me in to take the after-surgery photos. This was a bit more uncomfortable as the vaginal mesh medical equipment were now covered in blood. I captured everything that was needed and went back home to edit the photos and add a few final touches and send them over to the doctor.

Later that day, I received a call from the doctor thanking me for the excellent job I did and in such a short notice.

Being a freelance photographer sometimes involves taking such photos, not only does it showcase the range of photo skills you have, but it also pays very well.

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