rik van der woningI am professional photographer who is passionate about the craft. My corporate and freelance photography gigs fund my more artistic endeavors. I have had studio exhibitions and I occasionally sell limited edition prints.

I learned photography from my father, Dirk van der Woning. He moved to Canada when he was four years old, so we still have family in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. My father always took me with him for visits to “the old country.” During many visits to the Netherlands, my father and I would photograph everything. My father taught me to explore my Dutch roots by using a camera. I learned to have an eye for seeing things in my own way. My father was engineer, but he always encouraged me in my creative endeavors. It is because of his encouragement that I developed a passion for expressing my own unique photographic sensibility. Thanks, Dad!

This blog is a way of sharing my joy of photography with the world. It is my way of paying it forward.

I graduated with a degree in Photography from the University of Toronto in 1996. I live in Toronto with my parrot, Jess and lots of photography equipment!

You can find me hanging out on Google+ as +Rik vanderWoning