Top Ways for Bed And Breakfasts to Improve the Quality of Guest Sleep Times

Sleeping out is tough to a lot of people because they struggle to fall asleep in a strange bed, in a strange room with strange noises and strange surroundings.  As a bed and breakfast, you want to give you guests the best possible experience and best quality rest when they enjoy your facilities.  When your guests sleep better, they focus better, their moods are improved when they awaken and they view you’re your guesthouse or bed and breakfast in a better light.  While your bed and breakfast cannot do much to improve sleep disorders, you can help healthy and average guests sleep better in the strange surroundings with a few simple strategies.

Get good quality mattresses

A bad quality mattress can cause a lot of joint and back injuries and aches.  It can also affect the quality nap time of your guests when they feel cold if too much cool air seeps through the mattress or when the mattress cuts of blood circulation or breathing.  On you will find the best guidance to the best quality mattresses which is sure to help your guests sleep a lot better.  You can check out all of the top reviews about all of the top mattress types, you can find terrific discounts and the most affordable health mattresses and you can get a mattress shipped to your bed and breakfasts doorstep.  When your company invests in good quality mattresses you don’t just improve the quality of your guest’s nap time but you also save a lot of money since most of these mattresses are guaranteed to last a minimum of 15 years.

Layer the curtains

A lot of people who visit bed and breakfasts have strange sleeping arrangements and some will even need to sleep during the day when they work shifts.  The best thing you can do to cater for all different sleeping patterns and times is to invest in layered curtains.  Your guests will be able to open and close the curtains and control the amount of lighting in the room the way they wish.

Supply nap time drinks

There are a lot of drinks that will help your guests sleep much better during the night.  You can create a special nap time menu and supply your guests with drinks like herbal teas, hot chocolates, eggnogs or milk drinks which contains no caffeine, low sugar amounts and is sure to help them calm down much better and sleep a lot easier.

Add nap time music CD’s to the rooms

Most bed and breakfasts have a small TV set in all of the rooms but very few of them have a CD player or radio which guests can listen to.  You can add a mini CD player to the rooms with a CD that contains nap time songs or nap time noises.  These noises are terrific for drowning out all strange sounds that the strange environment has.  Certain music types like the type composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have been proven to calm the senses, improve mental focus and to provide a much better nights rest since the music drowns out other noises.