Tips to develop a SEO friendly website structure

It is well known that website structure and SEO are interlinked and it cannot be ignored at the time of site optimization. Do you want a leading canadian SEO company to improve your website, perform SEO, and drive quality leads to your website? Well, we suggest you research on Google for best SEO companies in Canada and shortlist the best company. In recent years, several service providers are claiming to offer SEO services. It is best to see their experience and expertise before outsourcing your project. Developing an SEO friendly website is not an easy task. We have explained the knacks and tactics in the full list here.

When most people come across the term website structure, they would connect it to the content organization or aesthetic elements. The website structure explains how the site pages are associated with one another. It includes supplementary pages diverging from the home page into folders and subtopics. It begins with the home page, foundation, and divides into several sections like blog page, contact page, and about page.

As the structure serves as the website’s framework, it is necessary to group it from the beginning. For example, to-do lists assist in tackling several things and the well-executed website prepares for successful SEO.

Begin your site hierarchy:

The site’s hierarchy or the system arranges the pages and lets you prioritize sections and topics. If you are having an exclusive page for bestselling products, it has to be placed top in the hierarchy than other pages. Check the resources where the visitors are converted and make a purchase. It is best to determine overarching simple categories to place individual and subcategory pages.

In simple words, the site hierarchy is almost like a pyramid. You can determine a basic guide before starting into further website setup actions.

Setup matching URL structure:

Remember, the URL structure influences Google rankings. It is best to construct readable, simple URLs as it helps in getting qualified traffic and gain better exposure. If the user notices the same words, it creates a good impression and they would easily decide to visit your website. If you see an SEO friendly website, you can find the URL flowing naturally. URL is an excellent way to showcase the page’s location. Several developed sites have a long list of subfolders and folders. However, it will be developed with the main goal to develop a URL with known words.

Include a footer and header:

One of the best tools to enhance the website structure is the site’s header. If you want to see seamless navigation, it is important to showcase the primary sections of the website in the header. You may have picked up some sections at the time of preliminary planning. It is important to showcase additional whistles and bells for the menu such as dropdown features and simple to flow design.

It is also best to add the contents as users get choices when they visit on the website. It is recommended for indexing and it is best to add the links for usability and consistency.

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